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Doris is a marriage and family counselor in St. Louis, MO in private practice. She has written numerous self-help books, two children’s books, one middle grade book and numerous booklets, appeared on Oprah three times, had her own segment on television, her own radio show, consulted for a number of fortune five-hundred companies, and has logged over 51,000 hours doing individual, marital, group and family therapy. 

Books by Doris Wild Helmering

Group Therapy -- Who Needs It?

We're Going to Have a Baby (with John Helmering)

I Have Two Families (with Heidi Palmer)

Happily Ever After: A Therapists's Guide to Taking the Fight Out & Putting the Fun Back in Your Marriage

Husbands, Wives and Sex: How One Partner Alone Can Change the Dynamics That Enhance Sex, Romance and Intimacy

Doris Wild Helmering's 100 Best Loved Columns

Being OK Just Isn't Enough: The Power of Self-Discovery

Sense Ability: Expanding Your Sense of Awareness for a Twenty-First Century Life

Think Thin, Be Thin: 101 Psychological Ways to Lose Weight (with Dianne Hales)

Thin Becomes You: 215 Inspiring Weight Loss Quotes to Get You There

How to Take Control of Your Anger

How to Practice the 7 Principles of Love

How To Stop the Criticism

How to Handle Suffering and Disappointment

How to Stop Runaway Thoughts

Games Couples Play: Including Your Secret Game Plan

For speaking engagements, radio, newspaper or television interviews call Doris at 314-965-3803.

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Radio Shows

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